On Da Beat

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UK Rap – Latin – Afro – Pop

On Da Beat, a talent house and studio based in London, UK. On Da Beat are quite a small but powerful team of creatives and execs that have access to the UK Urban Market. The Company are experts in developing creators that occupy niche audiences into influencers that can affect culture at a global and local scale.As an entity, On Da Beat began its life a music company first and foremost rooted in UK Rap production as a stable looking after some of the best beat makers & producers the UK urban scene had to offer. Now ODB have various clusters of teams working in a range of urban genres mainly UK Rap, AOLO (Artists of Latin Origin), Afrobeats and other Urban genres.

The Studio has been the centrepiece of the evolution. Almost like a organic being the studio has incubated and provided a hub for communities of creators to grow their business, hone their craft and find their voice in the noisy place that is the entertainment business.

In 2018 ODB started managing their first artist. The artist management department take the same perspective with artist management as with the nurture of producers. After reaching notable benchmarks as a production house for UK Rap and as a stable for the global development of the Drill scene, ODB have branched out connecting the Latin and Afrobeats Scenes in London with the rest of the Diaspora.

Email us or call us to find out more about production, music for sync, sonic branding and expert analysis on the state of play for UK Rap, AOLO (Artists of Latin Origin) and Afrobeats.

Tech Spec

Studio kit encompasses high end equipment from Neumann, Shure, AKG, Warm Audio, Focusrite, Genelec, Yamaha, Novation

Genres Specialists in

Reggaeton, Latin Trap, UK Drill, Acoustic, Soul, RnB, House, EDM, Techno, Drum and Bass, Rap, Trap, Afroswing, RnB

Sound designers

SJ The Tailor, Brigade Camp, GottiOnEm, Sapphire


Iker Ozmabal, Jun Soek, SJ The Tailor, Jayffo, Chapo, MZY, JJ, Ro9