Kayman The Producer


After completing two years at college studying Music Technology, Kayman is now on route to obtaining Bachelors Art Degree in Music Production from BIMM. however Kayman’s musical journey started at the age of 8, when he asked his parents for a keyboard as a Christmas present.

Teaching himself how to play the Piano in his front room eventually progressed into playing the Clarinet, to being able to read and write music and also play by ear at his Mum’s church.

Being fascinated by the way tracks were made and produced, Kayman found himself trying to learn the basics on Fl Studio 10, and began uploading his beats to his Soundcloud page where he began to gain some attention.

Kayman’s production journey began in 2015 producing for the Brixton collectives 86 and 67. Kayman was the catalyst for their break through their and their most successful tracks such as Anything You Want, Hands On (Remix), ABC, the list goes on.

In 2017, Kayman decided he wanted to broaden his horizon, and began learning how to engineer and mix on Logic and gained experience on Pro Tools as well. He was partly taught but a family friend who engineers for Avelino, but gained a lot of his knowledge through experimenting and researching.

Having obtained such experience and knowledge, it has allowed him to be able to work with well known artists within the UK such as Headie One, Abra Cadabra, Ratlin and many more. He is also a part of the most prolific production group in Europe, The Brigade.