SJ Tailor, SJ

Recording Engineer | Producer

Name: SJ Tailor, SJ
Hometown: Entroncamento, Portugal
Born: Dec, 1991 
Genre: Latin (Urban), Afrowave, Dancehall, Trap and Hip-Hop

Sandro Joel Estrela, best known as SJ the Tailor, is a DJ, Music producer & recording engineer based in London. Sandro moved to London when destiny called him to come and study aspects of sound design and audio production. Just like London’s Saville Row, cutting patterns and giving artists custom music that fits just right, giving an air of exclusivity is SJ’s gift. SJ consciously turned to music after being influenced by the rhythm and passion of artists like Carlos Santana, Dr Dre, Michael Jackson & others.From a young age his curiosity for rhythms was evident. He took his first steps in the world of music when he asked his parents to enrol him in a music school to learn drums, at the age of 12. The Tailor recognised how the drums are important to the spirit and soul of the whole song no matter the music genre from an early age. At the age of 17 he decided he wanted to pursue a career in music and went to study in Lisbon, where he completed a Music Production degree.

At the time SJ was listening to Eminem, Daddy Yankee and Carlos Santana, as well as Queen, Tupac, Dr Dre, Black Eye Peas and others.

2 years after studying in Lisbon and struggling in a slow paced music industry in Portugal, he worked in a supermarket to help fund the opening of his very own Studio named Station Art Music in his hometown. It was around this time that he received a message from a good old friend that had moved to London to chase a dream and the possibility of joining him in London came up. This invitation in turn birthed a desire to do more in the field of music and what better city in Europe than London. SJ says that what attracted him to London at the time was how Latin culture had started to gather pace alongside AfroBeats. For SJ the UK is one of the few countries where reggaeton is still growing and the perfect place to develop alongside what will probably be the next shift in Latin music.

Having been working in the studio since 2014 in London, with influences varying from Hip-Hop rap to Reggaeton he also decided that the best way to present his beats and further gain a name was to find a performance element to his craft. SJ says “Well I started in the production scene but many start DJING before jumping to the production world. There is a connection where you can create and manipulate music live In the front of a crowd or you can be in the studio creating and manipulating sounds to create a track… so I think that’s why both worlds really connect well and normally producers can or are DJs and vice versa.”Currently working under the OnDaBeat management, where he got signed last year. He’s working with artists like Steffani Milan and others and expecting first releases this year. At the moment he has been working with Valenciz, a UK reggaeton artist. In his spare time he has been working on his own projects to release some music under his name as a producer. He has stayed away from mainstream influences for now to focus and try to create his own type of sound. His unique signature style of cutting the beats. One thing you will notice with SJ is that the rhythm is his main key to his beats.

Apart from music, SJ likes to stay fit and hit the gym, read articles about the music industry and obviously enjoying the good things in life like spending time with his family. Much like his music SJ wants us to remember that as human beings we should be able to live in a better balance with nature and find the perfect harmony with what is around us.