On Da Beat teamed up with Century pictures to produce some music for a documentary. The documentary was about the UK Drill movement that has swept across the music industry from London, to Madrid, From New York to Santa Domingo.

We were asked to produce tracks that would end up being part of the soundtrack. The idea was to show the sound design being manifested in situ.

The Story:

Youtube Music commissioned Documentary.

– Shows authentic members of the UK Drill community that have had an influence on the music industry.

–  Shows an authentic studio environment that has seen production.

Our Solution:

Bring together some of the beatmakers from a infamous collective of producers, djs and engineers and create a video showing and telling how a Drill beat is made.


– Drill enthusiasts, Up and coming beatmakers, other members of the UK Drill community, Rappers, A&Rs.


– Google the names of the producers featured in the clip.


– Providing an familiar environment that made the producers feel at home enough to craft some hard hitting music.


– The turn around time for this was short as is often the case in film production.