Jun Seok Kim

Name: Jun Seok Kim
Origin: The Netherlands
Speciality: Rap, Jazz, Rock


Jun Seok Kim,  an experienced musician and engineer who has worked from MVLS and Soho Studios, both in London as well as well as artists, film directors and SMEs.

Jun Seok played his first notes on the piano at 6 years of age. He received classical training until he was 12 and then switched to Jazz and Improv until he was 18.

Jun has played keys in several bands spanning genres such as Funk/Rock/Fusion and Dutch Hip-Hop. His music has been picked by Converse and MTV Europe to promote the 2005 VMA’s. All this while working with legends such as George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and being signed in a management deal with CMG/WeFunk Records.

Jun made a move to the UK to study at the University of Westminster gaining an MA in Audio Production. This move to the UK exposed him to acts such as after Rhyan Holder, Storm, Louie Rei and Gerald Jacobs.

Jun Seok labels his style of production “Fresh Off the Plane Productions, fast-moving, mobile production set-up combined with a skilled producer/engineer, ready to travel anywhere and to set up and work in a matter of minutes”.

Specialising but not limited to Demo production, (Re)arrangement, Sound design / Foley / SFX, Remixing, Mixing, Mastering, Syncing, Soundbytes.

Jun has worked with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, TrackAddicts, Rockattack Ten, Dr. Know (Bad Brains), KenKen (RIZE), Louie Rei, As well as Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Asurion Soluto Europe and DelftCityBeats.

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