Social Impact

Social Impact“To Solve The Big Problems Of This World Companies Must Transform Themselves Into Impact Enterprises”
– Bart Hartman, Founder And Chief Entrepreneur Of Nots.

On Da Beat are transitioning into a social impact company. Social Impact Enterprises are defined as companies that have the objective to create maximum positive impact – for their customers, employees, business partners and the public at large, as well as for the environment.

We are all about effecting positive change in society. Whilst we are continuing to evaluate our business to support social change in our society. We stand in solidarity against racial injustice. We represent the cultures that make up our team and are proud of our roots. We move with and move culture. #weareone   #ondabeatworldwide   #thinklocalactglobal

As a social impact company we are championing the above hashtags: Action is what is needed.  However hashtags are not enough.

Causes We want to partner on
On a wider scale We are actively seeking companies to collaborate with that are committed to providing gender equality, infrastructure (digital), Innovation and industry to places and people that are lacking the essentials to connect with utilities needed for a better life.

We are also interested in partnering with companies that are committed to bringing clean water to places where this basic need is not present.

Causes That We champion
On an immediate note this is a list of charities and causes that we urge our audience to follow, support and get familiar with:

Social Reform

The Context of BLM

Building a better, more equitable economy

Education Reform 

  • Template email for UK government pressing black history to be mandatory in UK education:

Racial Equality 

Justice Reform