Recording and Mix Engineer

A new addition to the team is MZY.

Now in his second year of audio production.The turning point came after seeing the environment around studio sessions. Feeling motivated MZY was determined to be something great when it comes to sound engineering

Engineering has changed his experience of music and sound design by bringing home the fact that engineering is one of the most crucial parts of the music industry and is extremely overlooked upon by the basic listener, its more intricate than he had first imagined. Being a people person MZY says that he is “enjoying the people I’m meeting and sessions I’m apart of”.

3 songs that he wish he had engineered:

MizOrMac – Return Of The Mac,

SJ – Youngest In Charge, and any PS tune. (I’m a massive drill fan lol)

Favourite session so far at ODB.

Probably my session with Itchy The Producer, Selecta YB and G4 Choppa, was a massive learning step and i enjoyed every moment of it.

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