Name: Marnei
Origin: London
Era: 90’s baby
Genre: Rap, RnB, UK Drill

Do You ever stop and count your blessings? When was the last time You really thought about what You are grateful for? Our World changed in 2019, some say for better, many would say for worse. One thing is for sure, those changes forced us all to adapt. For the majority of us the aftermath of COVID-19 will leave scars for years to come.

Similar to the scars that have been left all over the world on the people in places that have been war zones. In one such particular place a rose is growing out of the concrete.

Her name is Marnei. Marnei, government name Emaan Roye is a 90’s baby who was born in the South of London. She has been living in Monrovia, Liberia, where she spends her time between making music and working in a mineral water factory which provides the clean water via reverse osmosis.

Often leaving a place of perceived abundance and having to thrive in a place where there is perceived lack of opportunity focuses the mind. Often seeing people that are living happily despite being in what the West would call poverty is enough to make You count your blessings and get your hustle on. It took leaving the comforts and ills of the so called “developed world” for Marnei to realise her own power.

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