Steffani Milan

Name: Steffani Milan
Era: 90’s Baby
Origin: Boretto, Italy
Genre: Dance, Electronic, Pop, Latin, Trap, 

Out of the pot and into the fire comes Steffani Milan, classically trained Pianist turned Singer and Songwriter born to an Italian mother & to a Greek father.

London called to Steffani from the hip but narrow streets of Milan. Disenchanted with the monotony of studying in the mecca of fashion and discouraged by a shortage of chances to follow her dreams, Steff ended taking the long way round to the UK from Milan to South London.

For a small-town girl, the experience came with a newfound sense of freedom and the chance to explore a city full of scenes and a new musical palette of sounds like Grime, Pop, EDM, Afro Swing, and Drill.

Before choosing to be a songwriter and singer, Steffani was an actress and singer on local TV and the small stage in musicals and the experiences of performing in musicals and on live TV gave Steff the taste for being in the limelight. She got close to music production at the age of 14 thanks to the lucky encounter with her Ghanian friend and musician Hadd.

For Steff music must always have a meaning, a purpose, an intention even if it is just theatre. You will find her in her studio creating powerful hooks and strong pop melodies, filled with intense lyrics and a touch of exoticism. She is currently working on several Pop and EDM records with some of the most talented producers in the UK, but also on the international scene.


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