Ça Va Ensemble

Ça Va Ensemble is a collaboration between audio production and talent development agency On Da Beat, a widely documented platinum selling audio production studio and CNM, a French public body that acts as the voice of the French music industry.

Collaborations between French and UK rap artists are becoming increasingly common, new exchanges that are creating impactful art: Laylow & Slowthai, Pa Salieu & Gazo, Backroad Gee & Le Juiice, all racking up thousands and even millions of streams.

Ça Va Ensemble aims to encourage this trend and create new opportunities for French and UK artists producing rap, drill, R’n’B, Latin and Afro styles to learn about each other’s scenes, collaborate, produce new tracks and perform together. This first edition is a collaboration with Selina and will take place at their Manchester from 21st to 25th March.

At its heart, Ça Va Ensemble is a writing camp with the aim of forging creative partnerships with French and British artists and generating exciting new music. But the Ça Va Ensemble team are building a richer experience which will involve workshops discussions and live performances at the Selina site at the end of the week.

The French participants are

Turtle White