Mark my words

During the summer of 2021 The band YChange were in the studio working on a Charity Single, the profits of which will go to Centre For Women’s Justice.
The Single will be part of a national media campaign titled “Mark My Words”  which is an initiative founded by Charlotte Bateman.

The campaign is part of a drive to raise awareness of the police discrimination faced by marginalised victims. With the recent case of Sarah Everard still fresh in our minds, the issue of the misuse of power by those who are bound to serve and protect is still high on the list of reasons why there is mistrust from those that are most at risk from exploitation.  
The aims of Mark My Words are to:
• Give a voice to every victim of sexual violence
• Expose failings of individual police forces on a public forum
• Hold the entire UK police force to account
Despite facing higher risks of sexual violence, those from marginalised communities have an even smaller chance of receiving justice, as they face physical, social and economic barriers.
The campaign, which launched alongside the song titled  “I’ll Be There” on the 1st Oct. The campaign will be a survivor led, news platform where victims of sexual assault and domestic violence can publish their experiences with police. It comes as conviction rates plummet to a record low this year.