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Vanessa Silberman is an engineer, producer & mixer as well as a touring artist & indie A&R with an artist development label (adiamondheartproduction.com) from Los Angeles.

She currently works independently with various bands & artists and has worked at different studios around the world recording which has mainly in the U.S, South Africa and the UK.


  • LA – The Village (Neve)
  • Hurley Studios (Neve)
  • Harper Simon (private home studio) *outboard gear & racks,
  • Fireside Sound *API, Wishbone Outboard gear mainly,
  • Boston – Record Co and The Den *various boards,
  • NYC – various private studios *various outboard gear,
  • Chicago – Jamdek (previously Minbal) *Quad 8,
  • Denver *various outboard gear,

South Africa

  • (BOP Recording Studio) *Focusrite,


  • (Private Studio).

Vanessa has also worked on many boards including an SSL and 8028 Neve

Vanessa can work on a Pro Tools mobile rig which travels with her on the road or use to do mixing / do various small tracking work with while out of the studio.  Vanessa has always been willing to travel for work as well.

In the past She was an engineer for Harper Simon, the in-house assistant engineer at Studio 606 (the Foo Fighters Studio in Los Angeles) and worked on the 8028 Neve from 2012-2014, I also worked for Livia Torella (Past COO / President of WBR) in 2010 as a PT person assistant as well as worked for Producer / Writer Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Brittney) as a runner assistant from 2008-2010.

Vanessa is also a new voting member of The Academy / Grammys.


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