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East London born musician B Polymath is out with another single this year. After bursting into the scene last March with first single ‘Come Over’, he’s back to soothe your ears with his new release ‘WavesPonWavey’.

During a night in with his boys, ‘WavesPonWavey’ was born after a conversation they had which helped bring out the cocky side to B Polymath. Once they left, he immediately started writing the lyrics to the cool afro-swing beat produced by RZ Beats, and developed the persona that’s portrayed in the song. With a cool, ambient, slow rhythm and his smooth voice on top. The melody of ‘WavesPonWavey’ will have anybody moving their body.

The song is about how confident one can be when it comes to relationships, and definitely has an honest and raw feel to it. Bringing back the much-needed male vulnerability in music that seems to have been diluted.

With his current release amassing over 40,000 Views on Youtube and 40,000 streams on Spotify so far, B Polymath is a championing sound for the UK. And with ‘WavesPonWavey’ set to release September 28th on all major streaming services, B Polymath is on track to having a strong ending to 2018.