On Da Beat is a talent management company that started out in a kitchen of a flat in Hammersmith, West London.

It was an idea that involved becoming a safe haven and a stable looking after some of the best young producers the UK urban scene had to offer. The first was GottiOnEm. Besides Gottionem other producers that visited the kitchen included Sapphire Beatsz. The Kitchen has seen the likes of Fumez the Engineer, M Huncho, Mixtape Madness and 808 Melo.

The Co-founder came up with the idea during a  meal with some of the team at Mixtape Madness, and after sounding it out and getting good feedback he set about making his Kitchen a place for creativity of the culinary and beat crafting kind. 

One of the mission statements is to protect the interests of the producer, gain recognition and raise awareness of the efforts of the producer. In this sense Producer means the people or persons behind the composition and the sound design of a record. ODB are keen to make sure that any producers that work with our team are credited for their work, paid fairly and educated on how the industry works.

This is achieved through mentorship and close management between newbies and more experienced producers and industry professionals. 

In 2018 ODB started managing their first artist B Polymath. The artist management department take the same perspective with artist management as with the nurture of producers. The founding mission statement will not be forgotten “Creating Greatness”